«Allow the world to live as it chooses, and allow yourself to live as you choose»

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Kristina Kamaeva is a Russian-Canadian writer. Her favorite genres are fantasy, adventure and romance. Her first book "The Last Princess of Numenor" was published in Khabarovsk, Russia in 2010. The story of adventures of the ambitious princess is set in the beautiful Tolkien Universe.


Kristina spent five years in Bangalore, India as a government scholar. She has a Master's Degree in Psychology from Bangalore University. She travelled to different cities in India, played extras in movies and commercials, and met lots of interesting people. The book "Chai, chapati, chili, chillum" describes most compelling and comic moments of her life in India.


 Since 2010 Kristina lives with her family in Vancouver, Canada.


She wrote lots of articles for Russian newspaper "Vancouver Express" and worked as an ESL teacher for Immigrant Service Society.


 In 2016, Kristina graduated from the Writing for Film and Television Program at the Vancouver Film School. Her goal is to write a screenplay for a movie that people will enjoy and remember.


The Last Princess of Numenor
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